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Joseph Damamme

Scientific Collaborator

Email: Joseph.Damamme@ulb.ac.be

Site: http://www.iee-ulb.eu/en/joseph-damamme

Joseph is a Ph.D candidate at the Centre of European Law (Centre de droit européen) at the Université libre de Bruxelles. His work deals with the Enterprise Responsibility for the inclusion of persons disabilities in the labour market through a comparative analysis between European Union and US law. His research aims at assessing the contribution and limits of equality law tools (prohibition of discrimination, reasonable accommodation and accessibility) as a component of enterprise responsibility.
His Ph.D’s supervisors are Pr. Emmanuelle Bribosia (Centre of European Law, ULB) and Pr. Isabelle Rorive (Centre Perelman, ULB). He works with them on the ’disability’ project of the Equality Law Clinic that they have created.

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