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Pour une philosophie du politique à l’université

lundi 1er janvier 2001 par Julie Allard

L’université en questions - Collectif sous la direction de Julie Allard, Guy Haarscher et Maria Puig de la Bellacasa, 2001

As a scientific institution, the university is a place of both power and autonomy. Therefore philosophy must examine the status of politics at the university. Two main philosophical issues will be tackled. The first, based on Kant’s writings, is how to think for oneself and, at the same time, think in community. How can the university’s knowledge be both free and relevant on a political basis ? The second issue comes from Arendt’s considerations on education : in research and education, how are tradition and imagination to be combined ? The response to these two questions is a development of the idea that the university must support the practice of critical thought. This would be both a scientific requirement and a political mission.

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