Délai raisonnable : l’exigence d’un recours effectif en droit interne, note sous l’arrêt Kudla de la Cour européenne des droits de l’homme

Monday 1 January 2001 by Pierre-François Docquir

C.D.P.K., 2001/3, 2001

In the case of Kudla v. Poland, discussed here, the European Court of Human Rights has overtly taken a sharp turn in jurisprudence, from this point forward demanding the existence of effective remedy (in the sense of article 13 of the Convention) , allowing an applicant to plead before a national jusrisdiction on grounds of excessive duration of judicial proceedings. This new case law, it seems, will not remain without consequence for the investigation of the claimant’s prior exhaustion of national remedies, which is one of the conditions of admissibility of cases presented before the Court.

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