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Brussels Global Law Week 2019

The Perelman Centre organizes its fifth forum on the globalization of law.

Are you looking to deepen your knowledge on current issues of global law with expert academics ? Do you wish to take part in the global law community ? Do you want to express and discuss your opinion during interactive seminars?

Come and join the Perelman Centre and its partners for the fifth edition of the Brussels Global Law Week from May 20 to 23, 2019.

Reuniting theory and practice, the Brussels Global Law Week is an annual forum open to academics, researchers, students, NGOs, legal practitioners, regulators and decision-makers to discuss issues of law & globalization. Each year, special attention will be drawn to both research in global and transnational legal theory and practical issues in specific sectors.

Please find below the final 2019 programme.

INSCRIPTION : https://bglw2019.eventbrite.com
CONTACT : benoit.kanabus at ulb.ac.be

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