Previous Research Projects


The Peremal Centre for Legal Philosophy has been involved in several projects funded by the European Union and other regional and national funding agencies. The FNRS has supported a wide range of activities undertaken within the Perelman Centre, as well as interdisciplinary researches involving other Belgian Universities (ULB, FUSL, ULg). The FNRS has funded several tenure and junior research fellows associated to the Perelman Centre.


ATLAS (7th Framework Programme)
Research programme that studied the role of the rule of Law in transitional periods as well as the impact of International Humanitarian Law applicable during armed conflicts. This research project aims to promote and enhance the protection of IHL and human rights.

MEDIADEM (7th Framework Programme)
Research programme that sought to understand and explain the factors that promote (or conversely hinder) the development of policies for free and independent media.

The European Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation is an intensive and rigorous one-year academic programme aiming to train professionals in the field of human rights and democratisation. This programme provides its graduates with technical and practical work experience.

NICLAS (Erasmus Lifelong Learning)
Summer school regrouping ten European Universities focusing on European Constitutional Law topics. In 2011, NICLAS will study Migration and Asylum challenges.

JUSTMEN (Erasmus Lifelong Learning)
Research programme aiming to develop an adequate, innovative and multi-disciplinary training for the actors involved in justice administration.

Corporate Social Responsability
Applied research programme co financed by the European Commission, DG Enterprises and industry, and the Institut d’encouragement de la Recherche Scientifique et de l’Innovation de Bruxelles (IRSIB).


Governing through Norms- From Hume to Rankings
Among the deep changes that affect contemporary law or more generally modes of governance, the Centre Perelman for Legal Philosophy focused on the topic of normalization processes, through a series of conferences that organized during the first semester of 2008 at the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Genocide & Denial
This conference funded by the Museum of Europe and the Bernheim Foundation relied on a multidisciplinary approach to the denial of genocide– not to check the existence of genocide.I aimed to discuss, among others, the following questions: How is denial of genocide expressed, spread and construed? In what way could the denial be an infringement of other people’s liberty? Is denial compatible with freedom of speech? In what sense does denial of past hide a discourse of violence? How do law and politics differ as to that question? How do the artists, filmmakers and writers react to this phenomenon?

Droit et gouvernance des Univers Virtuels
Le projet « Droit et Gouvernance des Univers Virtuels » était coordonné par Pierre-François Docquir et Benoit Frydman, en relation avec le programme « Droit Global » du Centre Perelman. Il comportait à la fois un volet scientifique (recherche et publications) et un volet pédagogique (enseignement et expérimentation).


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