Research Contracts

Our Current Research Contracts and Achievements

The Peremal Centre for Legal Philosophy currently runs several projects funded by the European Union and other regional and national funding agencies. The Perelman Centre for Legal Philosophy currently takes part in the following projects.


Global LAW - TENOR
Is an Erasmus Intensive Programme (IP) funded by the European Union providing new and innovative approaches to the study of global law. The course is organised under the aegis of the European Academy of Legal Theory and jointly offered by several partner universities.

Master in Legal Theory - AMELIE
European Union funded project seeking to establish a new European Joint Master Course in Legal Theory under the roof of European Academy of Legal Theory.

Global Research and Information Management -GRIM
The winter school on "Global Legal Research and Information Management" is a European project aiming to equip future legal professionals with legal information management skills, legal research management skills, and ICT skills. The next winter school will take place in Stockholm on February 2013.


The Global Challenge of Human Rights Integration - HRI
The research network “The Global Challenge of Human Rights Integration: Towards a Users’ Perspective” (HRI) is a research programme funded by the Belgian Science Policy Office. It aims to study human rights law as an integrated whole from a users’ perspective.

Normative Competition
Research project funded by the FNRS run in cooperation with several partner universities in Belgium. It seeks to lay down a model of normalisation that would account, on the one hand, for the articulation between several normalizing tools into coherent normative devices, and on the other, for their interaction with legal rules.

New Policies of Immigration and Integration in Europe -ARC
Research programme funded by the Université Libre de Bruxelles. It aims to analyse the new public policies of immigration and integration in Europe and the response from institutional actors and citizens towards immigrants from other European countries.

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