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Brice Bernaerts is currently pursuing a master’s degree in public law at the ULB. He is trilingual (native or bilingual proficiency : French, English, Dutch). During the past three summers, he has carried out several internships within international law firms. He also spent a semester abroad at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). His legal interests include human rights and jurisprudence and he is therefore delighted to partake in the ELC. Brice is working on transgender rights and state’s obligations under human rights regarding the legal recognition of gender.

Claire-Marie Lievens is in the last year of her studies at the Law Faculty of the ULB. The clinical programme offers her a welcome opportunity to study the practical aspects of human rights - a topic is at the heart of her interest. Passionate and hard-working, Claire-Marie is enthusiastic about the prospect of working under the direction of experts and making a contribution to fundamental rights matters, by approaching them in a comparative way, looking at both the international and the European level. Claire-Marie works on immigration and asylum law.

Linli-Sophie Pan-Van De Meulebroeke is a second-year master’s student (Public Law) at the ULB. In the field of human rights, she is particularly interested in issues related to cultural and religious diversity, as well as women’s rights and cultural rights. The topics addressed in the clinic match her research interests perfectly and she believes that a clinical experience is key to a deeper understanding of the human rights field. Linli-Sophie is working on access to abortion and more specifically on the manner in which human rights regulate conscientious objection.

Lena Piroddi holds a bachelor degree from the Facultés Universitaires Saint Louis. She completed her master’s degree at ULB, where she became interested in human rights and discrimination law. She applied to the new program because of her interest in the topics examined within the framework of the clinic and because she was attracted to the concept of ‘legal clinic’, which is new in Belgium. This year she will be working on disability rights and accessibility at ULB.

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