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- Clinical Professors

Emmanuelle Bribosia is a full-time professor teaching EU Law and Human Rights Law at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Centre de droit européen). She coordinates the Advanced Master in European Law (Master complémentaire en droit européen) and is the head of the Centre de droit européen. Along with Professor Isabelle Rorive (Faculty of Law of the ULB), she is the legal expert for Belgium in the European network in the non-discrimination field and the cofounder of the Equality Law Clinic at the ULB.

Isabelle Rorive is a professor at the Law Faculty of the ULB (Université libre de Bruxelles) and Director of the Perelman Centre for Legal Philosophy. She teaches comparative law, anti-discrimination Law and legal method. For the last ten years, her research has focused on the development of equality law in Europe, incorporating comparative legal methodology with an interdisciplinary approach.

- Clinical Instructor & Coordinator

Caroline Lequesne

- Clinical Fellows

Moritz Baumgärtel is a PhD researcher at the Perelman Centre for Legal Philosophy of the ULB and affiliated with the Centre de droit européen. His PhD research deals with the impact of the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the EU on the problematic human rights situation of migrants. Within the framework of the ELC, Moritz supervises the migration stream of the programme (together with Sarah Ganty) and participates more generally in its organisation. Moritz is also a member of the European Network for Clinical Legal Education (ENCLE).

Joseph Damamme is a PhD researcher at the Centre de droit européen (Université Libre de Bruxelles) where he works on the balancing process between rights of persons with disabilities and companies’ economic interests. Within the Equality Law Clinic, he will be in charge of supervising the project on accessibility to University. He recently worked on this in relation to the European Court of Human Rights’ case Gherghina v. Romania and wrote a legal brief submitted to the Grand Chamber.

Sarah Ganty is a PhD researcher in Law at the Centre de droit européen and the Perelman Centre for Legal Philosophy of the ULB. Her research consists of a comparative study of civic integration policies for migrants in Europe under non-discrimination law, and is supervised by Emmanuelle Bribosia (IEE, ULB) and Isabelle Rorive (Perelman Centre, ULB). Sarah is also an active member of several Belgian human rights NGOs. Within the clinic, Sarah is in charge of supervising students’ work on issues related to immigration and asylum law.

- Students

Chadi Semlali is currently finishing a Master degree in public law at the ULB. His interest for human rights became clear in 2007 during his participation in a humanitarian project in collaboration with a school from Burkina Faso, a project focused on human relations and educational aspects. His dedication and devotion to this domain was reinforced by his affiliation to Amnesty International some years ago, where he became president of the local group of his university. Participating in the ELC naturally attracted his interest. Contributing to the promotion of equality and non-discrimination by working on real case studies with experienced researchers and professors, thus enriching his university curriculum with practical approaches of the law was in his mind an opportunity not to be missed. He will be working on the rights of people with disabilities as well as on reproductive justice and the right to abortion.

Thérèse Faucon followed all her courses at ULB and is currently in the second year of her Master of Public and International Law. Generally interested in subjects related to human rights, she developed a particular interest in non-discrimination law after having attended the course “Juridical approaches of discrimination”, taught by the Professors Bribosia and Rorive. The internship at ELC will give her a welcome opportunity to deepen her knowledge of the taught concepts and especially to apply them in concrete cases.

Julien Hislaire is currently completing his Master degree in Law at Université Libre de Bruxelles. He combined two undergraduate degrees (i.e. Law and Political Science) and graduated successfully in Social Science and Humanities at Queen Mary University of London. Julien speaks both English and French and has a good command of Dutch. He sees this internship as an opportunity to gain practical experience while working on specific transnational issues in equality and non-discrimination law. Yet, his interest is not only stirred by the outstanding expertise of scholars and professionals engaged in this project but also by its inter-university framework. This year he will be working on transgender and disability rights.

Julia Szerer is currently in the second year of her Master studies in Public and International law at ULB. She first obtained a Bachelor of Law from Saint-Louis University. Julia applied for the project of the Equality Law Clinic in order to be able to see how it is possible to work together with associations to improve issues that arise every day. She will work this year on the rights of transgender people.

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