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Benoît Frydman


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  • Theory of Global Law

    This course is taught by Benoit Frydman and Gregory Lewkowicz at the Goethe University in Frankfurt. It is part of the European Master in Legal Theory.

  • Régulations et Normes Globales : les nouvelles règles du jeu

    Cours magistral de Ma1 à Sciences Po Paris : http://formation.sciences-po.fr/en/enseignement/2012/ifco/2075

  • Corporate Social Responsibility – Responsabilité Sociale des Entreprises

    Bilingual Seminar at Sciences Po Paris Law School Master 2 : http://formation.sciences-po.fr/en/enseignement/2013/kdec/9030

  • Legal Theory

    Objective :
    Make the students aware of major transformations and innovations that affect contemporary law and legal practices ; teach them how to tackle legal issues in a global environment with an open, dynamic and innovative mind; introduce students to the analysis, understanding and use of new and complex regulatory tools.
    Content :
    Theory of contemporary law and theory of global law. The course consists of an interactive research seminar dedicated each year to a specific topic. (...)

  • Natural Law and Legal Argumentation

    Objective :
    To develop the legal culture of the students and to introduce them to the main tools and forms of legal reasoning and legal interpretation.
    Content :
    Study of legal thought, reasoning and interpretation from the Antiquity to nowadays in ten consecutive models : rhetorical, biblical, patristic, scholastic, geometrical, historical and philological, sociological, economical, positivist and (...)

  • Introduction to Law (with Isabelle Rorive)

    Objective :
    To introduce students to the main institutions and legal concepts as well as to legal methodology and reasoning.
    Content :
    Introduction to the Belgian, European and International legal systems ■ The legal rule ■ The legal order: institutions, sources, legal systems and legal fundamentals of the social order ■ The implementation of rights: subjective rights, civil and criminal trial, legal reasoning and (...)

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