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What you can achieve

Having obtained the E.MA Diploma, the majority of graduates are likely to find job opportunities
with human rights organisations (both governmental and non-governmental, international and
national) which could involve them in field missions (electoral observation, human rights monitoring,
international cooperation projects) or as officials taking care of the activities carried out at
headquarters. In a number of cases graduates are involved in human rights-related activities by their
home Ministries of Foreign Affairs, or are seconded by them to work for international institutions. In
many cases access to these institutions starts with an internship period. Some graduates pursue
further academic studies and research.

E.MA Awarded Theses
Each year the E.MA Council selects five outstanding theses for the annual publication in its own

Internships and Fellowships
In previous years EIUC itself has been facilitating the entry of its graduates in the human rights job
market through two successful internship programmes : the E.MA Internship Programme and the
EIUC EU-UN Fellowship Programme.

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