26 June 2015

International Conference, LSE, June 26-27

Transnational Law & Social Justice

by Ivana Isailović

Ivana Isailovic is co-organizing a conference on Transnational Law & Social Justice at the LSE (June 26-27). The aim of the event is to study how transnational law shapes, facilitates and challenges economic, political and cultural exclusion in a fragmented legal and political landscape.
The event will feature a roundtable discussion on the methodological challenges raised by the study of transnational law and its distributional effects, with legal scholars whose work addresses legal changes on the transnational level. Other thematic panels will focus on the normative dimensions of family, marketplace and workplace regulations. This event is funded by the Modern Law Review and the LSE Law Department. Institutional support comes from the LSE Transnational Law Project, Perelman Center for Legal Philosophy (ULB), IAP, Human Rights Integration Project & Nottingham University School of Law.
Check the conference website for more information including the program and the registration form: https://tlsjproject.wordpress.com/

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