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29 septembre 2014


The European Court of Human Rights, its Stakeholders and Critics

par Moritz Baumgärtel

Markus Fahlbusch and Moritz Baumgärtel will present their works at the annual conference of the Association of Human Rights Institutes (AHRI), taking place at the University of Copenhagen on 29 and 30 September 2014. Both papers are part of a special panel dedicated to the theme "The European Court of Human Rights, its Stakeholders and Critics".

Markus Fahlbusch will present parts of his doctoral thesis, focusing in particular on judicial dialogue as a dynamic mode of implementation of European judgments. Moritz Baumgärtel’s contribution will display how expectations about the impact of decisions of the European Court of Human Rights depend on the causes to which one attributes the difficult human rights situation of migrants. More generally, the panel seeks to shed light on the contingent reception of human rights, looking more specifically at the various controversies that have lately surrounded the work of the European Court of Human Rights. The other two panellists are Prof. Eva Brems (Ghent University) and Prof. Barbara Oomen (Utrecht University), both of whom have been cooperating with the Perelman Centre within the framework of the IAP Human Rights Integration project.

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