René Cassin Thesis Prize 2012 (English speaking section)

vendredi 7 octobre 2011


René Cassin Thesis Prize 2012 (English speaking section)

Application for the Prize is open to candidates having defended their doctoral thesis in the course of the year 2011 in one of the following disciplines :

International law of human rights ;
Regional law of human rights ;
Comparative human rights law,
Legal theory of human rights.

Persons wishing to apply should, before the 15th of January 2012, send one paper copy of their thesis to the International Institute of Human Rights, accompanied by a report certifying their Thesis Defence or an equivalent document, and an electronic copy to the following address : bibliotheque chez

The jury (composed of university professors representing the field of disciplines concerned) will publish the name of the Laureate in the first half of May 2012.

The prize-winning work will be published before the end of 2013 by the HART PUBLISHING editions in the collection of the Publications of the International Institute of Human Rights, which will bear the costs of the publication.

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