25 novembre 2019

G. Lewkowicz will give a lecture at Be.Central

Like a bull in a china shop : Computer scientists’ solutions as legal problems

On November 25, Gregory Lewkowicz will deliver a lecture entitled "Like a Bull in a China Shop : Computer Scientists Solutions as Legal Problems" at Be Central. His lecture will be the opening of a full-day seminar on AI & Law gathering academics, researchers and Phd students. The Phd AI seminars are organized by Prof. Hugues Bersini (ULB).

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Abstract of the lecture

The number of devices relying on information technologies and artificial intelligence to implement or enforce laws and regulations, as well as to help legal professionals is increasing rapidly. The number of judicial cases in which computer scientists solutions provided in this context are challenged is also increasing. More broadly, the use of AI in law raises ethical and legal questions in most of the countries. In this seminar, I will argue that the idea of a law that is Scientific, Mathematical, Algorithmic, Risk and Technology-driven (SMART) is becoming a concrete reality that needs interdisciplinary scholarly attention for preventing computer scientists to act like bulls in a china shop and to protect the rule of law. Relying heavily on case studies, I will show what types of transformations do SMART devices instigate in the practice of law and why SMART law overhaul the way legal rules are enacted, implemented and enforced. I will eventually conclude by proposing milestones regarding how an overly mathematized and computerized law can be held accountable and how lawyers and computer scientists can collaborate to implement checks and balances and guarantee the rule of law and fundamental rights in the transition to SMART law.

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