Léo Strauss : philosophie, art d’écrire, politique

Saturday 1 January 2000 by Emmanuel Cattin , Benoît Frydman , Laurent Jaffro , Alain Petit

Vrin (Paris)

This book presents Leo Strauss’s work and examines the strategies used by philosophers in order both to disclose and to dissimulate their doctrines. The essays collected in this book test the "art of writing" hypothesis and try to measure the potential and the limits of Strauss’s account for philosophical writing. Also included a French translation of the first version of "Persecution and the Art of Writing" (1941)an a bibliography of Strauss and Straussian studies. Contributors : A. Barrot, G. Bensussan, R. Brague, E. Cattin, F. Coppens, M.D. Couzinet, J.P. Delange, B. Frydman, L. Jaffro, G. Mori, E. Patard, A. Petit, S. Rosen, P. Rusch, F. Salaün.

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