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1er octobre 2015


Legal Indicators : Exploring the links between data-driven opinion and Legal Advice

David Restrepo Amariles will give a seminar on transnational legal indicators, where he will explore the links between data-driven opinions and legal advice. It will take place at the University of Luxembourg on 1st October 2015.

Transnational legal indicators are flourishing. They are developing prominently in business law fields such as finance and banking law, tax law, contract law and corporate law, but also in others such human rights, labor law, dispute resolution and judicial management. In each of these fields, indicators seek to assess the quality and performance of rules, institutions and processes, and make this data available to decision makers. This presentation attempts to examine the links between legal advice and data driven decision-making. In particular, it examines the methodological premises of several sets of indicators in the field of business law and the extent to which their metrics may be suitable to inform or complement legal advice.

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