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L’université en questions. Marché des savoirs, nouvelle agora, tour d’ivoire ?

jeudi 22 novembre 2001 par Julie Allard , Guy Haarscher , Maria Puig De La Bellacasa


A key site of democratic life, the university is more and more often subject of society’s demands. Without expecting it to renounce its traditional missions of teaching and research, we ask the university to be competitive, to instil a spirit of citizenship, to create professionals from the masses, while itself representing an elite. It should also adapt to new technologies and be a motor behind European structures : so many equirements that bear witness to its profound changes. The texts assembled in this volume take different angles in an attempt to clarify these transformations. Is the university-and must it be-with the times ? If it must adapt, should it become a knowledge market, working according to principles of supply and demand ? Or on the contrary, should it be organized in the form of a modern “agora” ? Are its tendencies to withdraw from external pressures within the protection of the ivory tower reasonable ? This book attempts to discover the shape of the crucial role that the university will play in a world where, between State and economy, the voices of civil society are better and better heard. Contributors include : Mateo Alaluf, Julie Allard, Adrien Barrot, Pierre Daled, Michel Freitag, Nicola Giovannini, Guy Haarscher, Claude Javeau, Justine Lacroix, Paul Löwenthal, Alan Montefiore, Jacques Moriau, Maria Puig, Lewis Purser, Joan W. Scott, Isabelle Stengers, Georges Thill, Claude Truffin, Jean-Louis Vanherweghem, Georges Verhaegen, Chantal Zoller.

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