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L’École de l’Exégèse était-elle historique ? Le cas de Raymond-Théodore Troplong (1796-1869), lecteur de Friedrich Carl von Savigny

mercredi 1er janvier 2003 par Mikhail Dorel Xifaras

Heinz Mohnhaupt & Jean-François Kervégan (eds.) Wechselseitige Beeinflußungen und Rezeptionen von Recht und Philosophie in Frankreich und Deutschland, 140, 2003
Klostermann Frankfurt/main

The modern conceptualizations of property are born in the elaborations of the legal thought in the first part of the 19th Century. Yet, as far as France is concerned, the first commentators are taken to have beenfor politically servile and scientifically sterile ; put together into the so-called Ecole de l’Exegese, they are abandoned to oblivion. The lack of interest for these authors is largely due to the posterity of Bonnecase’s works (L’Ecole de l’Exegese en Droit civil, 1924). Although scientifically weak, the studies of Bonnecase are still today the main references of the doctrine today. A revision of this conventional narrative was necessary, and the purpose of my article was to show that one of the main lawyers of the period, Raymond-Theodore Troplong, defends a conception of law which emphasizes the study of philosophy and history, both disciplines he knows well and discusses ; he gives a large place to Savigny, the founder of the German Historical School of Law, upholding close but distinct positions ; in so doing he attests the existence and the fecundity of a French Historical School of Law, the influence of which is far from having been marginal. So it becomes not only possible, but even necessary to discover the Jurists hidden behind the infamous mark of "Exegetes", as this forgotten continent is where our actual Law is rooted.

Mikhail Xifaras, L’école de l’exégèse était-elle historique ? Troplong, lecteur de Savigny

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