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22 octobre 2010

Jus Post Bellum and Transitional Justice ATLAS Conference, 21-22 October 2010

The Perelman Centre for Legal Philosophy at the Faculty of Law of the Université Libre de Bruxelles is organising an international Conference on Jus Post Bellum and Transitional Justice. The event will take place in Brussels on 21-22 October 2010. This Conference is part of a series of scholarly events of the European ATLAS research project on International Humanitarian Law supported by the EU under the 7th Framework Programme.

This Conference will address Jus Post Bellum as a new legal phenomenon and as new legal practice. As a new legal phenomenon, the content and position of Jus Post Bellum in the larger framework of international (humanitarian) law will be discussed. International and national legal developments will be examined against this theoretical perspective. As a new legal practice, cases of transitional justice dealing with the past and the future will illustrate how Jus Post Bellum becomes operational.

Venue :
Nouvel Auditoire, Palais des Académies
1 Rue Ducale
1000 Brussels

Compulsory but free registration :
Email to Matthias Vanhullebusch (Matthias.vanhullebusch chez ulb.ac.be) by indicating in the subject line “Registration JPB ATLAS + Your Name” and which days you would like to attend.

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