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Chair in Data Law

Inaugural Lecture "The New Legal Matrix"

mardi 2 février 2021

David Restrepo AmarilesAssociate Professor of Data Law and AI at HEC Paris, is the inaugural chair holder (2020-2021) of the new Chair in Data Law created at the Law Faculty of the University Libre de Bruxelles.

He will deliver the inaugural Public Lecture “The New Legal Matrix” on Tuesday, 2 February, 9.00am CET.

The Lecture will be streamed online via Zoom — Meeting ID : 991 4717 5612

« Introduction to the Course »

Our society is experiencing a new industrial revolution that is deeply transforming our economic, social and legal institutions. While information and communication technologies have already become ubiquitous in our lives, advanced methods of statistical analysis and artificial intelligence are increasingly shaping the entire spectrum of our activities, including the ways we socialize, work, travel, and interact with our environment. This revolution is built around one notion : data ! The course of Data Law introduces students to these new exciting topics. On the one hand, students will learn how state law and non-state tools regulate data processing activities and the applications and technologies built on top of them (e.g., algorithms). On the other hand, the will introduce to the notion of ‘law as data’ by exploring the use and application of AI methods in the field of law. The course adopts a transnational and interdisciplinary perspective covering regulation in Belgium, Europe and selected key jurisdictions (e.g., US, China, Brazil), and incorporating selected technical elements from informatics and data science. The course will host talks from multiple European and international experts.

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