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29 novembre 2007


The 6th Ethical Forum of the University Foundation will take place on Thursday 29 November 2007, from 2 to 6 p.m.

The Forum subject will be :

IS IT WRONG TO TEACH WHAT IS RIGHT AND WRONG ? Is it (still) part of a university’s job to teach its students moral standards and social responsibility ?

Ten personnalities will then discuss the issue of moral teaching in and by the universities. Is it necessary ? Does it constitute one of the main duties of universities ?

How can we, in other words, reconciliate the sometimes cheerful and sometimes pompous moral discourse of universities -lest it becomes illusory or even hypocritical- with the need to teach students, apart from the high skills they need to face the labor market, how to lead their life ?

Registration is free of charge but obligatory by November 22.

To see the detailed program of the day, go to the University Foundation website

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