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20 octobre 2014


Human Rights, Migrants, and the European Courts : Towards an Impact Evaluation based on Legal Concepts

par Moritz Baumgärtel

On 20 October, Moritz Baumgärtel will hold a presentation at the IAPSS Autumn Convention 2014 in Nijmegen, which is this year entitled "The Universality of Human Rights in the 21st Century".

Moritz’s contribution seeks to establish an interdisciplinary link between law and political science in breaking down the general political problem of the problematic human rights situation of migrants into component ’legal manifestations’ such as restricted grounds of protection, evasion of territorial and personal jurisdiction, inadequate access to justice and limits to the applicability of anti-discrimination clauses.

The International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS) is a network of students of young political scientists and scholars in related fields. The Autumn Convention will welcome over 200 participants.

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