15 mai 2017

Perelman Chair Lecture

Global and Transnational Law Today with Neil Walker

As part of the 2017 Global Law Week and
the International Francqui Symposium

on Global and Transnational Law Today Perelman Centre for Legal Philosophy (ULB Faculty of Law)
is proud to announce the Perelman Chair lecture on May 15th and 16th at Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB)

Neil Walker on

Intimations of Global Law

Other speakers will include :

Larry Cata Backer (UPenn State Uniersity)
on "Transnational Legal Orders"

Maria Rosaria Ferrarese (UCagliari)
on "The What and Where of Global Law"

Gregory Lewkowicz (Perelman Centre ULB)
on Anatomizing the Hydra of Global Law :
Three Questions to prof. Neil Walker


Ralph Michaels (Duke Uni)
on A Concept of Laws : Plural Law for Global Legal Pluralism

Karim Benyekhlef (UMontreal)
on Where Does RegTech Fit in the Emerging Global
Law ?

Jean-Philippe Robbé (Sciences Po)
on Global Law between Theory and Practice (TBC)

a rountable with David Restrepo (HEC-Paris)
on Global and Transnational Law according to N. Walker

and concluding remarks by Benoit Frydman (Perelman Centre).

For more information, dates and venues regarding the Global Law Week 2017 click here

For more information on the Francqui Chair series of lectures, click here.


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