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4 mai 2015

International Graduate Conference

Getting Closure : Human Rights after Human Rights

par Moritz Baumgärtel , Ivana Isailović

4 & 5 May 2015
Keynote speakers :
Martti Koskenniemi (University of Helsinki),
Vidya Kumar (University of Birmingham) &
Justine Lacroix (Université libre de Bruxelles).

This conference explores topics and perspectives that have emerged after, and as a reaction to the increasing number of human rights critiques in the recent years. Some of these have been of such a fundamental nature that they have left not few researchers in the field with a nagging doubt about human rights and their status as an ideological project and a so-called ‘last utopia’. Still, human rights continue to play a significant role both in high-level politics and, even more importantly, in grassroots initiatives, becoming in fact the dominant vocabulary for expressing and challenges injustices. This two day event provides an opportunity to confront the challenges that result from the ambivalence of human rights.

For registration please contact Moritz Baumgärtel. Please note that non-panelists have to pay a registration fee of 10 € for one day (20 € for two days), which includes coffee and lunch.

The event is co-organised by the Perelman Centre for Legal Philosophy (ULB), the Institute for European Studies (ULB) and Saint-Louis University, Brussels. It is part of the IAP research project "The Global Challenge of Human Rights Integration: Towards a Users’ Perspective” and sponsored by BELSPO and FNRS.

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