Call for Papers and Sessions

CRN Law and Development, LSA 2018

mercredi 18 octobre 2017

The CRN in Law and Development, co-chaired by David Restrepo Amariles, invites everyone to submit an application to present a paper or organize a session at the next conference of the American Law and Society Association to take place in Toronto on June 7-10, 2018. More information on the submission processes in the file attached.

This CRN encourages application in the following sub-themes.

1. Constitutionalism, democracy, and the rule of law, especially the complex process of state-building with the challenges of constitutional design.

2. The role of, and the interaction between, institutions, markets, and regulations in shaping social life, including themes like property, contracts, housing, urban zoning, healthcare, social security, infrastructure, trade, industrial innovation, antitrust, anti-corruption, finance and development banks.

3. Legal metrics, new technologies and social change, specially the impact on legal decision-making processes resulting from the use of legal indicators, Big Data, and algorithms, arguably leading to the so-called "mathematical turn" in socio-legal analysis.

4. Institutional reforms, including judicial reforms, expansion of access to justice, and development of mechanisms for Alternative Dispute Resolution, including the challenges brought by mass litigation, legal aid, enforcement of collective rights, complex litigation, arbitration, mediation, and the multi-doors courtroom.

5. The changing character of the legal profession, including lawyers, judges, prosecutors, regulators, the ombudsman, and public defenders.

6. Sustainable development and research that examines the role of law from a biocentric perspective and analyses the complexity of environmental protection, policies, and objectives.

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