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6 mai 2014

Third International Conference of the Berkeley Comparative Antidiscrimination Law Study Group in Brussels

Global Challenges and New Perspectives on Equality Law

On May 5-6, 2014, the third annual conference of the Berkeley Antidiscrimination Law Study Group will take place in Brussels as part of the IAP Human Rights integration project.
On day two -Non-discrimination Claims in an Integrated Perspective-, scholars and practitioners will address the following topics : (1) Why an Integrated Approach to Antidiscrimination Law Matter ; (2) Delineating the Boundaries of Antidiscrimination Law ; (3) New Thinking on Stereotypes in Antidiscrimination Law ; (4) Implementation and Effectiveness of Antidiscrimination Law.

The program of the event is available below.

The registration is mandatory and the form is available here : http://www.iee-ulb.eu/fr/events/2014/05/international-conference-global-challenges-and-new-perspectives-on-equality-law

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