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Admission requirements

E.MA is open to EU and non-EU citizens. The criteria used during the selection process are : academic
ability and background, experience, motivation, and language competence.


Applicants are required to hold a university degree of a high standard and must have 240 ECTS
credits (with a 180 ECTS minimum university title/degree) normally in a field relevant to human
rights, including disciplines in law, social sciences, and the humanities. If the applicant holds a degree
corresponding to 180 ECTS credits, then the additional 60 ECTS credits will normally be obtained
through regular university studies but can in exceptional circumstances also be obtained through
documented prior learning components that are related to the E.MA curriculum and include a
minimum structure of : a) independent project research and/or b) supervised academic learning.
The applicant has to carry a workload approximately equivalent to one academic year. The final
decision whether the applicant meets the 240 ECTS credits will be taken on a case by case basis by
the E.MA Executive Committee.

Applicants completing the degree entry requirements subsequently to the application deadline are
requested to provide a current transcript of exams. Eventual admittance into the Programme will be
conditional upon documentation of completed degree prior to the beginning of the E.MA academic
(the deadline is 6 September 2010).

All selected candidates who hold a non-EU degree are required to produce upon admission a
declaration of value” of their degree. Non-EU candidates are moreover required to obtain a study
which must cover the entire duration of the academic year (September 2010 – September
2011). Both the study visa and the “declaration of value” are preconditions for enrolment and
should be requested from the competent Italian Embassy or other diplomatic and consular offices.

Please note that students who need to obtain a study visa and/or declaration of value on their
degree are responsible to manage the relevant procedure or request upon the competent Italian
diplomatic and consular offices and cover the related costs. EIUC is not responsible for visa issues
and compliance with relevant immigration laws is solely the responsibility of prospective as well as
current students.


English and French are the official working languages of the E.MA programme. Fluency in English is
an admission requirement to the programme. While not a prerequisite, the ability to understand
lectures and read academic texts in French is a definite advantage for participation in the


Previous practical experience in the area of human rights in inter-governmental, governmental, or
non-governmental organisations is helpful.


Candidates for admission are requested to send two completed application forms and supporting
documentation to the EIUC Secretariat in Venice by 19 March 2010 (date of receipt of the
application materials).

Supporting documents to be attached to the two completed application forms include the
following :

· Curriculum Vitae ;
· University degree certificate - original or certified copy (with official certified translation into
English, French or Italian), including transcript of exams ;
· Certification of other ECTS credits claimed, including postgraduate studies following the BA ;
· Two letters of reference ;
· Photocopies of language knowledge certificates and other certificates proving work

The applications collected will be sent, according to the candidate’s citizenship, to the corresponding
National Co-ordinating University, which will then make a preliminary selection. The Executive
Committee of the European Master’s Degree Programme will select non-EU candidates and finally
decide on the admission of all candidates. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted by email
with further instructions after May 2010.


For the a.y. 2010/2011, the tuition fee is of 4.000 €.

In addition, applicants shall pay an enrolment fee of 130 €.

EIUC does not provide full scholarships.

Only a very limited number of students might benefit from modest financial support in the form of a
partial contribution towards living expenses and/or a full or partial tuition waiver. If participation in
the E.MA Programme is conditional upon receiving financial support, this must be clearly indicated
in the financial application form (soon available online). Students bear the responsibility to secure
their full living and housing expenses prior to their arrival in Venice (estimated at a minimum of
about 700 Euro/month).

Students are responsible for their own accommodation both during first semester in Venice and
second semester at the hosting university. With regard to the first semester in Venice, they can
receive assistance in finding accommodation or may choose to arrange this by themselves.

Each student is responsible for travel costs necessary to reach her/his second semester E.MA
university in Europe.

Responsable du comité éditorial :

Centre Perelman de l’Université libre de Bruxelles
CP 132 - Av. F. D. Roosevelt 50 - 1050 Bruxelles
Tel. 02/650 38 84 - Fax 02/650 40 07 - e-mail