15 novembre 2016

Doing Business Index 2017

A talk with David Restrepo A. and Augusto Lopez - World Bank Indicators

David Restrepo Amariles will deliver a talk on the occasion of the European Presentation of the Doing Business Index 2017 which will take place in Paris on 15 November 2016 at 3.00pm.

David Restrepo has widely published in the field of legal indicators. Some of his publication include Transnational Legal Indicators and Institutional Change : The Missing Link of Law and Development ? (Palgrave Macmillan 2016) ; Legal Indicators, Global Law and Legal Pluralism : An Introduction (Journal of Legal Pluralism 2015), and The Mathematical turn : L’indicateur ‘Rule of Law’ dans la politique du développement de la Banque Mondiale (Bruylant 2014).

The Doing Business project measures the efficiency and strength of laws, regulations and institutions that are relevant to domestic small and medium-sized companies throughout their life cycle. By gathering and analyzing comprehensive quantitative data to compare business regulation environments across economies and over time, Doing Business encourages countries to promote more efficient regulation ; offers measurable benchmarks for reform ; and serves as a resource for academics, policymakers, journalists, private-sector researchers, business executives and others interested in the business climate of each country.

Registration is available here : http://www.hec.edu/News-Room/Events/European-Presentation-of-Doing-Business-2017

When : 15/11/2016 at 3:00 PM

Where : Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas

Speakers :

Augusto Lopez-Claros - World Bank Director, Global Indicators Group, Development Economics
David Restrepo Amariles - Professeur à HEC Paris
Bruno Deffains - Directeur du Centre de Recherches en Économie et Droit (CRED)
Dina Waked - Professeure à l’École de Droit de Sciences Po
Romain Espinosa - Chercheur au Centre de Recherches en Économie et Droit (CRED)

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