Special Issue on Legal Indicators, Global Law and Legal Pluralism

Wednesday 24 June 2015 by Benoît Frydman , David Restrepo Amariles , William Twining , Arnaud Van Waeyenberge

The special issue of the Journal of Legal Pluralism edited by David Restrepo Amariles on Legal Indicators, Global Law and Legal Pluralism is now available online. It features a preface by Benoît Frydman and William Twining, an introduction by David Restrepo Amariles and a postface by Jacques Vanderlinden. In addition there are seven original contributions on the field of global law and legal indicators, including one by members of the Perelman Centre Arnaud Van Waeyenberge and Anne Brunon-Ernst.

The special issue is available here: Special issue Journal of Legal Pluralism


A symposium on global law, legal pluralism and legal indicators
Benoît Frydman & William Twining

Legal indicators, global law and legal pluralism: an introduction
David Restrepo Amariles

Effects of the open method of coordination (OMC) in research and innovation: indirect legislation in EU policy-making?
Anne Brunon-Ernst & Arnaud Van Waeyenberge

How legal indicators influence a justice system and judicial behavior: the Brazilian National Council of Justice and ‘justice in numbers’
Pedro Rubim Borges Fortes

The pursuit of happiness reloaded. From measures to policymaking, holistic well-being as a global political goal in contemporary constitutionalism
Paolo Cavaliere

Law, globalisation, governance: emerging alternative legal techniques.
The Nike scandal in Pakista
Francesca Scamardella

Whose audit is it? Harnessing the power of audit culture in conditions of legal pluralism
Courtenay E. Parlee & Melanie G. Wiber

Enforcing global law: international arbitration and informal regulatory instruments
Katia Fach Gómez

Jacques Vanderlinden

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