NICLAS is an Erasmus Intensive Programme developed within the framework of the EU´s Lifelong Learning Programme for higher education. It will run as a two-week international summer school programme. NICLAS approaches three policy areas currently showing tremendous dynamic and considered highly relevant for the EU from an International Constitutional Law (ICL) perspective: Environment, Minorities and Migration, Integration through Law. After having focused on Environmental Challenges in 2010, NICLAS will study in 2011 Migration and Asylum in the ICL´s main focus topics: human rights, democracy and governance (rule of law).

International Constitutional Law as a legal discipline combines constitutional law, public international law, European law, legal theory and administrative studies. At an academic level, students will learn to analyze constitutions and their legitimizing administrative structures in both their historical and contemporary contexts. NICLAS also aims to equip students with analytical competences to enable them to develop critical approaches to constitutional concepts.

The participating Universities are the following:

• University of Vienna
• Université Libre de Bruxelles
• Masaryk University Brno
• Free University of Berlin
• University of Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne
• Andrássy Gyula German Speaking University Budapest
• Central European University Budapest
• European University Institute Florence
• Vilnius University
• University of Leiden
• Bratislava University of Law
• Queen Mary College, University of London

Each year the summer school is organized in different locations. After Budapest in 2010 and Florence in 2011, NICLAS will be held in Bratislava in 2012.

The NICLAS Summer School 2011 on MIGRATION will take place from July 4th to 16th at the European University Institute in Florence.

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