Menu for Justice (‘JUSTMEN’) is an Intensive Programme developed within the framework of the EU´s Lifelong Learning Programme for higher education.

Legal education is traditionally pivotal in Western culture. In Europe, it has been developed by means of high education programs, whose main goal is providing future legal experts with a sound, consistent and reliable knowledge of codes, jurisprudence, and legal doctrine. Over the last decades, legal education started to open up by integrating contents, hints, insights coming from non legal disciplines, human and social sciences whose focus is mainly on behaviours rather on formal norms. Therefore, in some countries, legal education programs started to expand and incorporate courses dealing with the relationship between law and other institutions. In Europe, the relevance of legal education is particularly acute nowadays. Indeed, the new challenges faced by the EU are associated with the need of creating a reliable playfield for the transaction and exchange of public and private actors. Legal harmonization is brought about not only by means of regulation but also by means of judicial cooperation. High education systems will strongly and deeply impact the pace of the European integration, through programs of legal education offered to undergraduate and graduate students. Indeed, students, trained in universities, will be legal and judicial actors in the near future.

This program aims at developing an adequate, innovative and multi-disciplinary training for the actors involved in justice administration in order to enable them to share a common "grammar" and speak a common "language".

The Perelman Centre for Legal Philosophy is member of an academic network composed by 51 leading institutions in Europe, including universities, judicial schools, supreme courts, non-profit organizations and foundations.

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