Equality Law Clinic


The Equality Law Clinic (ELC), based at the Perelman Centre for Legal Philosophy and the European Law Centre of ULB offers to a selected group of graduate students (MA 2 level) the opportunity to enhance their legal knowledge and practical skills by working on specific transnational issues in equality and non-discrimination law. In order to combine theoretical and practical work, the ELC offers a transdisciplinary training which embeds legal knowledge in the socio-economic context. The mission of the clinic is both to provide a valuable educational experience and to produce a meaningful practical contribution that promotes equality and justice. The working languages of the ELC are French and English.

Students follow a general and a focused module, which include clinical courses as well as seminars and conferences with the participation of scholars and professionals engaged in the human rights field. At the end of the programme students are expected to have made a contribution that can assist affected individuals and/or partner organisations working in the field. Outcomes may include third party interventions, guides for practitioners, codes of conduct, policy or country reports, as well as analyses of best practices on a specific topic related to equality and non-discrimination law. These will be worked out in collaboration with related partner organisations.

More particularly, this year the clinic focuses on research and advocacy on following issues:
Immigration and Asylum Law
Reproductive Justice and Abortion Rights
Transgender rights
Disability rights

The ELC was created in 2014 within the framework of the inter-university attraction pole (IAP) project “The Global Challenge of Human Rights Integration: Towards a Users’ Perspective”, which studies human rights law as an integrated whole from a users’ perspective. The ELC also profits from a collaboration with the Berkeley Comparative Anti-Discrimination Law Study Group.

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